Elisa Bianca Contese

I am pleased to meet you, I'm Elisa, a blogger lucky enough to call Italy home. I fill these pages of trends and style tips. I can generally say that I love nature and this is why I love eco-sustainable fashion and I will dedicate a special section to this field into my blog.

You are wondering who I am and how I got here .... Well, let's start! I grew up on the film sets, playing small roles on the TV series. The small success obtained gave me the courage to study different disciplines from theater to classical dance, hip - hop and jazz.

Soon I moved from the world of TV to the one of fashion, I paraded at a very young age for important brands, in Italy and abroad. My heterogeneous and premature formation made me an extremely sensitive girl, as I grew up in the art world, and at the same time a very creative person. And here we are! I need to share my passion for fashion and my special and deeply vision of everything with each of you.

Each article will talk about a different style that will belong to me, behind every picture there will be that girl who grew up between the set and the stage, but especially behind my blog there is me, I hope to please many of you who can draw inspired by the way in which I tell the clothing changes in the time that is running. If you like, go on board. In this space so rich and full of my essence there is a room for everyone, since it is precisely from the multitude of meetings and different styles that has been formed, and it is thanks to each of you that this ship can arrive in a new special land where there is respect for every life forms, where clothing will be an expression of how you are inside, where the general trends will marry the particular that is in each of us, where diversity will be beauty and black always in fashion just like all other colors and where imperfection will reign supreme, since the important thing is not to never fall, but to stumble with style!

Stumble with style, Pink Appeal!