L'ultime notizie sul mondo del fashion con sconti su brand particolari.

Navigare per il web non è mai stato così divertente! Scriviamo articoli sulle tendenze di tutto il mondo che più mi colpiscono e cerco di proporre ai lettori abiti alla moda ma con un tocco di originalità.

I love mixing styles, so I will combine sporty elements with elegant elements, special accessories to basic t-shirts, in order to create a unique style that I hope you will love! Be trendy in every occasion requires time and patience, so you will find a personal shopper with just a click!

Respecting nature is important! Looking for a total eco brand, we will learn together the new trends on recyclable materials and the most avant-garde eco-dresses.

Today is finally here! Store open & New goodies!

The most special items of the moment selected by Elisa Bianca Contese for you, based on trends, fabric characteristics and wearability. Take advantage of my blogger discount code as a reader of Pinkappeal!
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Elisa Fashion World, who is she? The important thing is not to never fall, but to stumble with style!

I am pleased to meet you, I'm Elisa, a blogger lucky enough to call Italy home. I fill these pages of trends and style tips. I can generally say that I love nature and this is why I love eco-sustainable fashion and I will dedicate a special section to this field into my blog.

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