The Project

The PINKAPPEALnetwork portal was created to take a role of reference in the sector of the fashion industry and of influencers, with particular attention to the products selected together with the partner company. The objectives of the web site is to promote and facilitate the presence on internet of companies of this field or the company linked to this field, with great editorial quality. In particular, the content of the web site will satisfy the needs of a professional sector both B2B and B2C which is booming, offering both a popularization of entertainment and technology, and creating a workplace to implement a virtual showcase for all operators in the sector. Great attention is given to the diffusion and sharing of fashion effects in order to create an effective, glossy, modern and always updated communication between the world of industry, commerce and increasingly aware and demanding customers in their choices

PINKAPPEAL is aimed at companies, retailers, service providers, advertising agencies, bloggers, actors and all those working in the fashion, events and fashion sectors. The quality and the richness of the information, the daily update, make PINKAPPEAL a point of aggregation and stable reference for all the followers and enthusiasts of the sector.

The PINKAPPEALnetwork Project and the creation of the homonymous PINKAPPEAL.COM portal allows partner companies to increase their visibility on the Internet, to maintain direct contact with customers and influencers, using the technological tools made available by the site itself.

PINKAPPEALnetwork is the new publishing initiative of the fashion world on the web that is starting in 2018, created by Communication Agency and experts in the field of online sales and fashion. Aware of the growing need in the fashion industry to create innovation and improve approaches to customers we decided to structure a network of influencers and bloggers, specialist partners in the industry, able to develop new energy by improving investments for companies and providing more quality and choice to followers. A multi-year publishing experience gained with different activities, added to the technical skills of experts in the fashion, television and fashion industry within the network.

The portal is founded by Clutech - Communication Agency in Rome - and the ElisaFashionWorld Brand together with other experts in the field. This strategic design also includes different portals in other areas and fashion agencies and beauty contests: with a view to have ample, widespread, qualified and excellent resources to dedicate to the sector. On the one hand, long-term collaboration agreements have been developed with expert professionals in the fashion, television, cinema, events and fashion sectors, on the other an increasing commitment of its structure to provide all the organizational, commercial and editorial support essential for the launch of new products and services within this sector.

The pineapple as a symbol of hospitality and victory - overseas the captains returning from long expeditions in the sea used to pierce a pineapple at the entrance of their home. In this way, they signaled the return from the dangerous adventure, inviting friends and acquaintances to share the joy of the return. What inspires this project is all contained in this symbol – sharing with you the returning to my home, this art space called PinkAppeal.
The name PinkAppeal was born from the extravagant color pink and the words sexy appeal.

If you have the PinkAppeal you are extravagantly charismatic, naturally beautiful, imperfect in an original way, it means in short, you will try to wear heels knowing that you could stumble, but that, in spite of everything, you will do it with style!