The site - how it develops

PinkAppeal site is composed of a blog section full of contents where the latest global trends in the fashion sector are described in an original way, divided into 5 categories - woman, curvy, man, children and eco - fashion. Within the articles are proposed selected items to which you can access by direct link.

With each article proposed it will be possible to open the shop with me section where other coordinated articles will appear inside. For each brand present in the blog it will be possible to take advantage of specific discounts dedicated to PinkAppeal readers.

Within the contact section it will be possible to subscribe to the newsletter at no additional cost by receiving a preview of the updated articles, the latest trends, the new discount codes of the most trendy brands and other fun things as a test to understand the style of the readers who follow us or fashion contest on the most beautiful style of the current month.  In the same section companies, retailers, service providers, advertising agencies, and all those working in the events and fashion sectors will be able to leave their request message to the PinkAppeal team.



What is Pink Appeal

PinkAppeal is a 360° marketing platform that's why we like to summarize the PinkAppeal universe in the hashtag #marketing360.

The goal of the site is to promote and facilitate the presence on the internet of the companies in the fashion industry with a great editorial quality, comparison with the final customers and awareness on the latest trends.

A blogger is the bridge between brands and people. An important concept that underlies everything that businesses and fashion professionals need to succeed. The interaction with the readers, their appreciation on what is published and the expertise in the field of fashion make a blogger an infallible intermediary to help companies make center!

From the daily growing views on the website to the influencer marketing with a constantly growing of the Instagram page followed by more than 30.000 followers

For our customers we spread news. Our press office performs the journalistic function and the activity of "relations with the media": we provide information to the media, for products, services, events, interviews and promotional dates.

High-lights items, discounts on the web site, email notifications and banners, everything you need for your visibility.